Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe in the interpretation of the three quarter earnings conference call, said, for the future M & a plan, the answer is yes. Over the past 12 months, the Alibaba has made four acquisitions, respectively, China million net Ali software, Vendio and Auctiva, fifth acquisitions will happen soon. All of these acquisitions, are for the establishment of "work in Alibaba (Work at Alibaba)" platform building blocks. ‘Work at Alibaba’ platform for Alibaba growth in the next three years is critical, some of which will be acquired through acquisitions."

Wei Zhe’s voice just fell, Alibaba fifth acquisitions have surfaced. In November 15th, the Alibaba announced the acquisition of Shenzhen City Enterprise Services Limited company, "Work at Alibaba" layout of foreign trade export platform, full service force of small enterprises, through foreign trade chain. It is reported that the export supporting services through a small business will be integrated into the "export 2011 edition", "Work at Alibaba" a Alibaba of foreign trade platform.

Shenzhen Qualcomm was founded in 2001, is the first combination of professional import and export agents and e-commerce for SMEs and export sectors outsourcing service providers, using the Internet to provide a one-stop customs clearance, transportation, insurance, foreign exchange, tax rebates, docks, financing, certification and other full import and export services for small and medium sized enterprises.

fusion "octopus import and export services is a key step in the implementation of the Alibaba ‘Work at Alibaba’ foreign trade strategy, believe that more and more customers will transfer the export business process from line to line, so that they become the electronic commerce value chain in a ring." Wei Zhe said, the current global economic environment is still quite complex, the next few quarters, China’s export growth may continue to slow down. At the same time, the increase in staff costs, raw material prices, the appreciation of the renminbi and other issues will also affect the growth of small enterprises, therefore, the Alibaba will be many around the financial, logistics, customs clearance etc. to assist them in operation, realize the small enterprises’ Work at Alibaba’."

is currently engaged in the import and export of service outsourcing company for the customs declaration and international freight forwarding company, import and export of small business outsourcing services market is a first. Therefore, an octopus with its unique market positioning and business model to effectively meet the small enterprises of import and export services, convenient and inexpensive.

Wei Zhe say: "an octopus has a professional and experienced in the import and export of foreign trade service management team. Founder Wei Qiang engaged in foreign trade service industry for 20 years, the management team responsibilities clear, clear division of labor, management transparency."

"we are very pleased with the cooperation of the Alibaba, standing on the shoulders of giants, one of Qualcomm will see farther." Octopus President Wei Qiang said. Industry analysts said Alibaba