editor’s note:

in each category of cross-border electricity supplier, mother became hot hot, in addition to maternal cross-border electricity as a breakthrough point, gradually expand to home consumption of honey bud baby, including Jingdong, Tmall, the United States, the platform also deep to the maternal industry.

CEO honey bud baby Liu Nan, cross-border electricity market overheating, now need to "cold" down, look only at low tide after who is swimming naked".

supply chain optimization is the core of cross-border electricity supplier

brand to consumers, the previous intermediate links will involve the total generation, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, we have to do is cut off the middle link, improve the efficiency of maternal and child retail. One way of describing our left hand, right hand is the brand, consumers, customs, customs declaration, customs and other aspects relates to all fix by honey bud baby, this is a big change for the development of maternal and infant industry. If in accordance with the previous method, the gross profit will be set to 70%, as long as it can be up to 10%.

specific to the goods, goods from where the purchase, whether can guarantee the goods are genuine; by who to transport, if not being guaranteed replacement; where the warehouse for safekeeping, are guaranteed not to be shipped by wet damp; who can guarantee the goods in logistics, whether to reach the hands of consumers still in the warranty period. These links are prone to problems. Therefore, to ensure the quality of cross-border electricity supplier, by their own control of goods is very important.

this, it is necessary to bond, but it will make the company become very heavy". To what extent? First, need to buy goods in the bonded area, the purchase cost is great, honey bud baby now have a monthly purchasing cost hundreds of millions; second, need to rent warehouse, even to buy land to build warehouses, which need to configure the local management team.

but heavy is also a competitive ability to enhance the threshold. Now consumers are very smart, they know that the goods are proprietary, whose goods are from the third party, consumers tend to self trust products will be higher.

addition, the bonded area is an important part of the layout of the upstream supply chain. Since last year, cross-border electricity providers have announced the news of cooperation with the domestic bonded area. For example, the United States in Zhengzhou bonded area built self care, Jingdong intends to join the E trade ecosystem, Alibaba and Zhuhai free trade zone to build electricity supplier platform, etc.. Price war in the cross-border electricity supplier, warehousing and logistics is cross-border fight battlefield.

had honey bud baby with Ningbo, Guangzhou and other places of the bonded area have established close cooperation, Chongqing is our opening third free trade zone. The main use of Chongqing’s geographical advantages in the west, as well as directly connected with Europe’s new railway in Europe, the future of European goods will be transported by rail to Chongqing. Ningbo free trade zone is mainly responsible for goods from Japan, South Korea, Guangzhou free trade zone is focused on goods from the United States, australia. For cross-border electricity supplier, the bonded area not much, not perfection, because around the policy "