SRS audio solutions equipped with a variety of mobile phones based on LiMo system selection

(joint telecommunications agency / California) – surround sound, audio and speech processing technology industry leader SRS laboratory announced that it has joined the LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation (LiMo Foundation), became the first among the audio technology company mobile phone industry ranks of the global association.

SRS lab marketing vice president Allen H. Gharapetian said: we are to get the first to join the LiMo foundation audio company, the award and proud. The mobile devices in our pockets have dramatically changed the way we get with consumer entertainment. We are confident that SRS’s audio expertise will push the mobile experience to a higher level of innovation."

LiMo Foundation (LiMo Foundation) for the mobile phone industry to provide an open and stable mobile operating system based on mobile Linux system, contributing to the development of the next generation of immersive mobile experience. SRS has passed VIP+ and TruMedia implantation in a variety of NEC mobile phone, make a contribution to the Linux mobile operating system application.

LiMo executive director Morgan Gillis said: with the increase in consumer demand for the depth of the mobile experience, audio and voice technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the mobile family. SRS’s expertise enables LiMo to deliver a richer and more interactive experience."

SRS for LiMo audio solution demo will Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain (Mobile World Congress) on display, display specific location for the 8 B135 hall LiMo booth in SRS laboratory booth. At the same time, SRS conference room is located in the 7 floor of the hall HS10 booth 4.

about SRS lab

SRS lab was founded in 1993, is a leader in consumer electronics audio signal processing industry. SRS laboratory audio technology development began in the Hughes Aircraft Co, so far has more than 150 global patents, and is recognized as the pioneer of human auditory theory research and application of the field of authority. We partner with semiconductor manufacturers and software consumer products company, a leading global cooperation, SRS audio, stereo surround electronic products and speech processing technology has been applied in more than 1 billion sales worldwide, including high-definition television, mobile phones, portable media devices, personal computer and car entertainment equipment etc.. SRS lab represents the authoritative standard for HDTV audio processing technology. Ten of the world’s top flat-panel TV brands in the use of SRS HD TV audio processing technology nine. >