introduction: Jingdong is the third party platform behind the wings are catching up,, and so on to outflank the bright younger generation, now seemingly prosperous Tmall actually is facing a big crisis.


recently, it was reported that Decathlon, Timberland and Lafuma three big international line of outdoor brand and Tmall signed exclusive cooperation agreement, causing the industry concern.

in fact, these three brands are already in Tmall opened a flagship store, this time is a sign of the depth of cooperation, Tmall has given them more resources, and Tmall has become their only business cooperation platform. Which Timberland had previously worked in the Jingdong flagship store, now search for the brand although can see Jingdong related products import, but its flagship store has quietly disappeared, that is to say Tmall exclusive articles is available.

20, the latest news from the state power grid, officially confirmed Tmall launched "Tmall strategic partnership" project. According to the content of the project, Tmall will combine the various vertical industries in the line under the well-known brand depth cooperation, it is clear that the agreement contains the contents of the agreement.

after the Jingdong to catch up, side vertical electric outflank, Tmall faces a crisis of

Tmall’s move, the industry is considered to be another major electricity supplier giant Jingdong. Traditionally, the Jingdong has been considered to be a typical import electricity supplier companies, the first Internet Conference in Wuzhen last year, Ma Yun even said to train more in high and vigorous spirits Alibaba Jingdong, meaning that the Jingdong is not Ali’s rival, but why this is so heavy as


this is mainly manifested in the third party Jingdong on the platform has potential can not be overlooked. After experiencing the first few years of the fire is not warm, in 2014 the third party Jingdong platform outbreak, the total annual turnover of the first time exceeded $100 billion mark. And just released in 2015 Q1 earnings report, in 2015 the total number of Jingdong Q1 third party platform transactions amounted to $36 billion 900 million, an increase of 185% over the first quarter of 2014. While in 2015 the total amount of Tmall Q1 transactions compared with the same period last year, an increase of only 62%, the growth rate of Jingdong’s third party platform is close to the Tmall times.


from the overall level, the third party Jingdong platform is still lagging behind Tmall. But its rapid growth rate, and has entered the year billion dollar threshold, and has successfully attracted UNIQLO and other international well-known brands, more exclusive Sephora settled, had become the potential confrontation with Tmall, the Tmall has to focus on the challenges from Jingdong.

in fashion, beauty, mother, home textiles, footwear, bags and other categories, Tmall is also suffering from, and other new electricity supplier competition pressure. Jingdong is the third party platform behind the wings are catching up,, and so on to outflank the bright younger generation, the seemingly Ding >