services is a very old industry, even in the Internet online translation field, also has some big and small companies engaged in, although from the profit model, online translation services only have yet to find a clear profit model. But the company did not give up the importance of this market, after all, there are more than half of the Internet users will use a variety of translation services, the market has great potential. In the context of a clear profit model, the companies will be from the perspective of their business characteristics from various aspects of the online translation market.


entrance effect

so that the Internet translation service is a niche service, I do not agree. IResearch mentioned in the report, China Internet users have more than half of the users use online translation services, at the same time in the use of translation services on the scene, also covers a wide range, such as online shopping, use the search service, when using micro-blog’s time and so on. The user’s demand for translation services is universal (the high frequency of use of translation and dictionary services can not be ignored), so that large companies have to translate services as a good user to attract attention. At present, domestic Baidu, NetEase, Jinshan, Tencent, as well as foreign YAHOO, Google, Microsoft will be launched in China online translation services.

users to seize the entrance is also reflected in the user how to reach a wide range of these, many brands of online translation. From the investigation of iResearch, search engines, navigation site, set up quick bookmarks, direct input URL is the most commonly used way users. Visible, in these channels, the advantages of large Internet Co are not the same. Using its own channels existing master to provide needed services to users, it is an easy to build. For example, in the Baidu search box to enter the online translation or translation, the first result is Baidu’s own online translation services. In the popular online translation and dictionary market, has basically formed a major competitive landscape. The formation of such a competitive landscape does not depend on too much technical force to promote, but more depends on the channel advantage of each (arrived at the advantages of the end user) and brand (each in the hearts of the user’s share).

big company effect

is another interesting topic, namely the company effect, development company the first camp of the top 5 online dictionaries are listed companies: Baidu dictionary has a powerful search channel support; Youdao and Bing relying on behind the powerful portal platform; iCIBA’s Kingsoft Corp is the first set foot in the field of online search word the company will be more; and is of noble descent, from the operating system giant Microsoft. Jinshan as the first set foot in the online search word company in recent years has done a lot of internal adjustment, iCIBA is a company is lack of attention to the rumors, only the third is not surprising.