many of the electricity supplier industry as a political arena, and everyone has different definitions and understanding for the rivers and lakes, in order to achieve their maximum value, and the days of fighting and fighting an endless enjoyment. A lot of people with a stream of blood lakes dream, Internet entrepreneurs to join the tide of martial arts, can come out a few upstart people? How many people with high order tips Taobao shop procedures "? Star password is combined with years of operating experience, you crack the Shanhaiguan road.


a, congenital thinking, positioning their own direction

like Professor Zhou Botong hands around each stroke, although Huang Rong smart but not in heart, do not learn. Guo Jing is a bit silly but a simple mind, quickly learned. The star that has a different password, may everyone, we should think about in the entrepreneurial process, and choose their own relatively good direction, combined with the market environment and the hot competition, choose one to open shop in the general direction. If you don’t start thinking from the white, it is easy to drift, easy to play.

two, select the teacher learning effort, new fast

for a whole new field, do you choose to study for yourself, or do you want to have the guidance of a teacher, standing on the shoulders of giants, through their own efforts to achieve success. For online entrepreneurs, most want is what kind of teacher is not? Want to have a strong knowledge, the prestige of a hundred responses to a single call system, a great disciple of the heart? Is the so-called "a teacher a lesson, a lesson a teacher, has been committed to do online business star password of Fang Zong division, Taobao precisel the shop process steps, to serve the inspiration, professional win, technology innovation, truly open shop expert


three, nine practice, open shop at


1, the first: heart resuscitation – to determine the supply shop

at the start of practice first, we should clear the doubts and problems to meditation. Through a variety of channels to find the most competitive supply of the most wanted. Star password for the majority of entrepreneurs, to provide a variety of sources to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

2, the second: moves routine basic settings

– shop

for practicing this skill must be well versed in Taobao this platform set up routines, correct guidance and tutorial can be complicated process minus of their own way, more quickly set up shop, and quickly complete the basic settings of the plate.

3, third:

content store decoration strength practice

described in detail, baby beauty, visual decoration, such as adding personality characteristics, mining selling points, earned the first impression of customers. Star password provides a template for decoration and content point of teaching, to the practical depth of content optimization, will improve the natural rankings.

4, Fourth: Open – improve the flow of drainage


through the Title Optimization, ranking optimization and so on a variety of drainage means, >