IPO, the largest domestic express on the eve of the price war

City Express 12 dollars, EMS this price will let you echocardiography in China Post Express Logistics listed on the eve of a price war on the EMS caused by the courier industry earthquake. "EMS is the price down?" "do you know why the price of EMS?" recently, the courier industry are listening to each other.

EMS this month, some provinces and cities make concessions in the standard price is based on the maximum reduction of 40%. Behind this price, it is EMS – China express market leader in the gradual loss of the reality of the market, there is a more difficult choice between China’s express industry in the price war and service war.

big brother cut the price of

The price of "superior" EMS

for many years, the adjustment of prices in some regional markets suddenly. Express industry price volatility is not unusual. But as the oldest domestic business, the largest and most extensive coverage of the network of older brother – China Post EMS is rare.

The price of EMS "superior"

over the years, 500g has been lifting and less than 20 yuan, continued heavy price only in April 2010 conducted a fine-tuning.

reporter through EMS 11183 customer service hotline, in the city of Beijing city express the first heavy current 12 yuan / kg, added weight 3 yuan per kilogram, and through the official website of the tariff inquiries, the first weight less than 500g, Beijing city price is still 20 yuan, continued heavy 4 yuan.

in Guangzhou, the price is more flexible. Guangdong province express has increased from 16 yuan / kg down to 12 yuan / kg, added weight 2 yuan / kg, sent to the Pearl River Delta region per ticket 18 yuan / kg, added weight 3 yuan / kg; but interprovincial prices remain unchanged, 20 yuan / kg.

is even more striking, EMS price adjustment for e-commerce express. In some cities, EMS launched within 1 kg per ticket of $8 electricity supplier express activity, which makes EMS electricity supplier price and the "one pass four" basically flat.

to express city as an example, Huitong, rhyme first lowest price is 6 yuan, Tong, tact is slightly higher for 8 yuan, 11 yuan Shen Tong, EMS’s old rival SF price is 13 yuan, the price of EMS has considerable advantages.


EMS, the price of many branch EMS whirling, denied the price news, in the official website of EMS without any notice, according to the reporter, even within the EMS group have not issued a document.

a EMS insider told reporters: EMS are all direct mode, the provinces and cities have no pricing power, but there are concessions. Around the branch can be selectively discounted according to local conditions, so there is a situation around the EMS price is not uniform. The discount for large customers have already had, but not so large area before. >