more and more big restaurant enterprises are using the Internet, the production of their own kitchen food, semi-finished products and even direct sales to consumers. The online channel to create the conditions for the big meal prices to digest their food market capacity, fengeng. However, many food companies set up shop business is bleak, shaorenwenjin even trading volume is zero. Insiders believe that the high cost of fresh food distribution costs have become the biggest problem affecting the development of online catering enterprises.

big restaurant enterprises open shop online gold

after the group purchase coupons, takeaway ordering, through the network platform for direct selling food, semi-finished products and food production, is becoming a new way to expand revenue many big food companies.

this month, halal time-honored DongLaiShun officially launched online sales platform. Seasonings, patrons can enjoy the first rinse produced delicious. According to its relevant person in charge, the next step will be the No. 1 store and I bought a net online flagship store opened.

has a "delicacy first-class cabin" said recently Jingya online direct marketing force. Beijing Daily reporter found that Tmall’s Jingya opened in the official flagship store, in addition to the sale of a variety of preferential vouchers, but also the sale of dried sea cucumber, including Hokkaido Jiaodong ginseng, dried salted live sea cucumber and other high-end ingredients and braised sea cucumber, onion spicy instant instant sea cucumber, leisure sea cucumber, fish slices, pork skim milk yellow a variety of food package. But in the new pat Network Jingya online flagship store, sales of goods, not only dry bedin Scallop in Shell column, hairtail segment, abalone and other fresh frozen, boxed spicy crawfish, spicy, spicy squid etc. Xiangzhu instant food, children’s food and Boiled dumplings Boiled dumplings also includes a variety of flavors.

from October last year, well-known food prices more appear only in the past Xiaonanguo Houchu shrimp, lion head signs signs of semi-finished products, to its in Tmall’s flagship store sales. It is reported that these fresh products from a small central plant, and use the Xiaonanguo store restaurant Houchu the basic ingredients without distinction. For example, signs of shrimp, after Xiaonanguo unique hair pulp process and flavoring, when consumers buy home, in the pan fried oil directly you can enjoy authentic Xiaonanguo delicacy.

in addition, like Quanjude, Meizhou Dongpo, South Beauty and other well-known food enterprises, have been set up online flagship store selling self-produced delicious in Tmall, Jingdong and other well-known business platform.

, vice president of the China Cuisine Association believes that the past two years, with the increase in the number of stores, a lot of the strength of the food and beverage enterprises have their own central kitchen or food processing plant. In addition to these factories to provide the enterprise with processing food, semi-finished products, but also can produce food, semi-finished products for market sales. Network channel for the restaurant enterprises to go