] product uses review recently about the news release net sales of prescription drugs began to turn out of the water, regulatory policies and regulations are gradually relaxed and clear. Pharmaceutical industry insiders said that if more prescription drugs from the market, then the pattern of the pharmaceutical market will certainly change dramatically, not to mention the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier.


text / Shao Wen

electricity supplier is called the last piece of blue ocean pharmaceutical electricity supplier has always been in the state to be excavated, but the hands of the capital has been unable to wait for the enterprise. Yesterday, one medicine network announced that the official completion of the C round of financing, financing amount of 450 million yuan. According to the published figures available, this is the highest record of financing Chinese pharmaceutical business. Although the capital already extremely urgent, but the net sales of prescription drugs policy is still in the cover in which is the true mingled with the false, the important elements of the pharmaceutical business market breadth and depth.

capital cautious intervention

one medicine network introduction, in January formally completed C round of financing, financing amount of 450 million yuan, the current funds have been credited. September 2013 one medicine network to complete the A round of financing, in December to complete the B round of financing. One medicine network CEO Chen Hua said, in addition to continuing to invest in B2C pharmaceutical retail core business, in 2015 the company will invest more money in the construction of the supply chain and the development of the mobile terminal, in addition to achieve double SKU during the year.

prior to this, in June last year, Huarun group’s pharmaceutical B2C health network to complete a round of 300 million yuan of financing, which is regarded as pharmaceutical electricity supplier financing icebreaker. The Tai Tong announced a 350 million yuan of the acquisition of a wholly-owned domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier of the largest companies in Kang’ai Multi Chain Pharmacy Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kang’ai"). According to industry sources, there are at least 6-7 online pharmacies are seeking contact venture capital, but access to financing information rarely spread. In the view of the above, this phenomenon shows that investors are still very cautious pharmaceutical B2C, the majority remain wait-and-see state. One drug network before this round of financing is also rarely mentioned, the financing of 450 million yuan is still said to disclose the investment side".

but Ma is likely to stimulate the pharmaceutical sector electricity supplier onlookers turned participants. In January this year, Baiyun Mountain and Ali health signed a letter of intent, the two sides reached a cooperation intention in the pharmaceutical electricity supplier, large health products and health care services in three areas. The two sides will work together to explore the pharmaceutical O2O sales model, and based on each other’s health data to develop a specific product." Baiyun Mountain said in an announcement that the increase.

needs to broaden the market policy

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter observed, most of the Internet access to the traditional retail pharmacy drug line only as a channel for sales of electricity providers, and did not make great efforts to do pharmaceutical electricity supplier. A person under the name of the chain drugstore chain, said he had already made the online sale of drugs qualification certificate, currently only exercise e-commerce team, while walking to see. Medical gangster Kyushu