18 seconds, 100 car Martha Lahti robbed? Heard this disappeared, my first reaction was surprise, this second reaction is not hype


March 23rd, Italy super luxury car brand Martha Lahti (Maserati) announced the Tmall flagship store opened, the world’s first SUV – Martha Lahti Levante in the first China sales, Tmall flagship store price of 999 thousand and 800 yuan.


Hongkong Business Daily website reported that the day of Martha Lahti’s flagship store Tmall just announced the official price, the 100 car will only be sold in an empty space of 18 seconds. In this regard, Martha Lahti, general manager of China, said Bo Yaming, very shocked". Subsequently, Maserati official added 500 models to accept reservations, to meet the enthusiasm of consumers".

so successful, can be called terror. Martha Lahti’s "Trident" in people’s impression is "luxury car brand", usually in the shop all day can sell a car, now moved to the online sale can achieve "18 seconds 100" record, even if there is "brush", this is a report card shock. Why the store can not achieve this effect, but in the business platform? This has been more than a gimmick can explain, what is the best selling luxury goods online



in fact, from last year, the major luxury brands began to close the line under the store. Last winter, LV announced the closure of its three stores in Guangzhou, Harbin and Urumqi. Coach Belle, TAG Heuer, these luxury brands have closed shop. In March 2nd this year, LV closed its Shanghai Lippo Plaza store news industry is that a bad mouthing the luxury industry. Close the store because consumers demand less, not that this is a multifaceted factor. There are cost reasons, the impact of consumer outflows, the impact of e-commerce.

with 80, 90 to become the center of the power of society, the consumption of younger and more convenient, and online shopping has become a trend. In fact, 80, 90 of luxury jewelry especially the pursuit of "fanaticism", therefore, the luxury business platform login is in line with the trend. But note that this is only a trend, and can not represent all consumers can now fully accept this situation. Because, for these luxury niche brand, the electricity supplier is a new channel, but it does not mean that this channel is a flat road.

first, luxury goods to log on the electronic business platform, the first to face is the price problem. Now most of the goods on the electronic business platform to go more populist route, while the high price of luxury goods will make many people flinch. Have the ability to take into account the physical and the network is shown to be consistent, the size of the number of issues. This part of the people, obviously more first