news October 30th, said in a micro-blog Amoy network before the Dangdang has stopped and Suning goods and comment on the capture, stop the capture of Jingdong comments, but willing to Dangdang, Suning cooperation talks.

it is reported that the evening of October 28th, a micro-blog official bursts of two micro-blog, "a cat has stopped Dangdang and Suning goods and comment on the crawl, knowing that the real worry, we are willing to cooperate with Dangdang, Suning to discuss, and one by one to solve everyone on the cooperation doubts."

then said, "the Jingdong comments we have stopped crawling, but we think the commodity price service related information belongs to the public, consumers have the right to know, a cat will keep commodity price information of the Jingdong on the web, as a matter of fact, happy weekend."

previously, the Jingdong store,, are shielding a scouring network content capture.

recently, Jingdong, mall, such as part of B2C site have shielded the Alibaba’s comparison shopping search Amoy network. Amoy network also said on micro-blog, any new development of things will not open and cooperation Everything is going smoothly., will not happen overnight, a cat will continue to focus on helping consumers within the whole network convenient, smart shopping comparison.