referred to the export of cross-border e-commerce, people tend to focus on the eyes of North America, Western Europe and other countries, where the Internet penetration rate, high spending power, logistics, payment and other infrastructure facilities. However, although it can not be said that the European and American electricity supplier tuyere period has passed, but it must be said that the competition in this market is growing. More and more cross-border electricity supplier sellers began to find a new breakthrough, in this way, Russia began to enter everyone’s vision, many sellers intend to open up a new blue ocean". The "sea cat" special attention to interview the Russian market for more than 20 years of Russian preferred founder Mr. Chen Cong’s column, tells him in the eyes of the cross-border electricity supplier next stop – russia".


in recent years, the rapid development of Sino Russian trade, is expected in 2020, Sino Russian trade will reach $200 billion, of which, the development of e-commerce in China and Russia is particularly interesting. According to relevant statistics, in 2015 Russia’s domestic retail electricity supplier sales of $10 billion 500 million, the total order amount of 160 million, cross-border electricity supplier turnover of $3 billion 400 million, an increase of 55% compared to 2014, the total order amount of $135 million. By 2016, with the continued warming of Sino Russian relations and policy support, the Russian electricity supplier and the rapid growth of trade under the line. Thus, the Russian market potential. At the same time, Russia’s local electricity supplier is still relatively weak, lack of competition. In 2014, Russia’s online shopping market growth of 31%, the transaction amounted to 713 billion rubles, but the total retail sales of consumer goods accounted for less than 2%, while in Chinese, online shopping in the total retail sales of consumer goods in the proportion has exceeded 10%. This gives the opportunity to enter the Russian electricity supplier sellers to provide opportunities in the Russian market.


opportunities in front, concerns are everywhere. In recent years, Russia’s economic recession and a devaluation of the ruble and then let businesses do not dare to act rashly, and the seller has been making some pots of money, but also some frustrated. In this regard, Chen believes that the success and failure to a large extent depends on whether you are familiar with the Russian market, local residents spending habits, language habits, shopping preferences, etc.. But as a focus of Sino Russian cross-border electricity distribution platform "Russia’s main business is preferred, Chinese help brand manufacturers to set up distribution channels in Russia, through the integration of Russian cross-border logistics warehousing, distribution, payment and settlement service marketing three service system, will help China’s brand building for the Russian Department national distribution channels and solve Chinese brand joint development scheme, and the Russian market, become the bridge between Chinese consumer brands and local small and medium sized retailers in russia. In the past ten years, Chen Cong and the founding team has been cultivating cross-border trade and the Russian market for many years, in the Sino Russian trade electricity supplier veteran, understand the Russian market, familiar with the local business environment, consumer market, consumer preferences.

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