Ma recently after leaving Wei Wei, for the first time on the media to talk about the incident. The article read down, the overall impression is indeed the social influence of figure speech, which contains a large amount of information. It is worth pondering the contents of a lot of experience in learning comprehension. One of the points of thinking and scrutiny, can let the small and medium-sized webmaster on their own, to the society, the Internet to stand on a new level of understanding. But Hong of the part or to have their own thinking:

1 Ma’s point of view: Alibaba’s problem is China’s problem.

is considered Chinese problems Hong there are a lot of, as China has many advantages in general. This can only be said to be a part of China’s social problems. Alibaba can not be equated with china. Do a good job in China this proposition is certainly a century of propositions. The Communist Party is non China. Is the development of China history and Chinese people’s desire for self-reliance, inevitably choose Chinese Communist party. This is obviously different from Alibaba. Be sure not to confuse.

2 "I’m not a cancer maker, I’m treating cancer".

Ma Yun at the beginning of the article is directly explains the theme and purpose. Can be said to be very. Also in their own in this incident made a clear positioning. It is the duty of a doctor.

Ma Yun in his career as a new definition, but also led to a number of related propositions and phenomena. All of them are inextricably linked.

who has cancer?. They want to know who is that Hong Wei is the patient?? is more than 100 employees engaged in fraudulent contract? Or in Ali system inside the 2300 or more Alibaba Alibaba robber? People for this series of phenomena of collective silence? Obviously if they are cancer patients, specific conditions should be different. Obviously, for Ma, the object just enumerated are regarded as hopeless. heavy in the judgment standard of Ma, terminally ill patients. They are the most patient, naturally have their own reasons. So it is possible for these patients to talk about their own illness and experience, of course, this disease is also different from AIDS and other related to the concept of privacy.

if there is an opportunity for them to admit the history, not only to their advantage, but also in the wake of the others, who has always been an effective means of treatment. What will happen to those who have been diagnosed with cancer, or whether it will occur in the general tragedy of the 50s of the last century, such as the general treatment of leprosy patients were isolated.

Ma Yun is not simply for these patients the disease diagnosis, have stopped, simply thrown into the patient society on one throw up. This is not to our social problems, if each one is to do so, then such a large-scale replication, but that will be a lot of Hong > our society