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SP blew scandalous: those "liar information" is our hair

Author: Cao Xia

SP mass abuse and poor supervision of operators, leading to the overwhelming majority of spam messages.

when you receive a text message from a strange phone: "have you eaten yet?" Or reply to the number ‘8’ to get the recharge card number, please do not worry reply. Because it is likely to be the "telecom value-added services provider" by means of

hey hey, give her a year!"

"which old friend sent me a text message? He wished me a happy new year!"

rarely talk to others about my career, most of my friends, including family members, only know that I am IT white-collar workers, as to what industry, they do not understand.

other dazed, I can only tell him: providing SMS and MMS, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) services. Friend: I see light suddenly those crooks information received from the mobile phone, is your hair?

SMS: mandatory custom dug into the first pot of gold

mobile value-added industry chain includes mobile operators, value-added service providers, content providers. In the industrial chain, operators – including China Mobile and China Telecom, both referees and athletes, the rules of the game by it, the industry divided by its distribution. Some provinces operators, set up their own SP company.

and SP – the new less than ten years of industry, in the management and technical specifications are not perfect, and even a serious loophole.

in the first two years, SP mainly rely on to do some formal business, through the printing of promotional pages, Mobile Corporation mass propaganda, to obtain revenue. The second half of 2003, SP gradually into the profiteering industry. Apply for a 20 yuan monthly business operators, mandatory customization to the user. And most of the means through SMS group, the temptation to reply to the user, no matter what the user replies to anything, as long as there are upstream records, the default custom success. The response rate was 20%.


SP participated in the money game. Some companies began to use reverse customization – the user through the normal 00000 to cancel the business, and anti custom, that is, the user sent to the port of the company has customized its new business 00000. Some companies are through a variety of channels to get the user’s phone number, directly into their own company’s database, the cost of the user.

SP rapid accumulation of users, dig into the pot of gold.