According to the analysis of transaction data released over the years, shopping in the category, women occupy most of the transaction, whether it is usually the sale, or to participate in the activities of women, like that, is always the biggest consumable. It can be seen that women are a large consumer groups. Take Taobao gold shop, the gold shop, just a few hundred, but women’s gold in a shop, is already the 60%. Gold in a shop, it is the consumer evaluation of 500 thousand pieces of ah, you can not feel woman consumption ability

do Taobao guest friends, may also find that the Commission is higher, but also are basically around women, such as women’s clothing, weight loss, skin care category. These three categories are the highest turnover category, is currently the highest customer category Commission inside Taobao.

Why is

woman’s biggest consumer groups, in addition to the proportion of the population in the Chinese, women accounted for a larger proportion of a relationship, but we can from the heart and behavior analysis, and the pursuit of beauty, the beauty of women, for they will continue to have the power to shopping behavior. Whether we are from any corner of the network in terms of, even if it is shopping, where a popular gathering platform, women’s activity frequency is always the highest. Of course, you can not take a more professional male practitioners platform.

still remember some time ago, the well-known domestic sharing community, said the beautiful Baidu index soared 10 times. We can find that, in fact, is a beautiful circle of a female biochemical sharing platform. Also can not help but through the beauty of the girls say this big shopping group. Just two years, said the beautiful said 3000000ip, pv30000000. Registered users estimated 700 million, the monthly turnover of more than 700 million of Taobao. Friends of the site is easy to see, this is a very cattle site data. I have never seen that website on the development of such a good SNS, in addition to the beautiful said the site’s business model, but also with their user groups locked in women in this regard, there is a great relationship. Only do accurate, can have the best interests. Beautiful said these girls, it is for Taobao to do much contribution.

believe that girls are the largest consumer groups this, whether it is in the present, or the future of the Internet will continue to develop, still will not change. At the beginning of the investigation of the crown of the old pig, if you lock this group to carry out targeted, I believe that more than two years of insistence, but also produce a lot of benefits, but unfortunately, when the vision is limited. Only emotion! Online shopping groups, women are the main force, will continue.

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