recently a sudden luxury electricity supplier public relations war sparked a wave of luxury electricity supplier industry this wave, the protagonist is the treasure nets and temple library, in addition to the line of the sniper, but also on the line. The author believes that regardless of who wins or loses the price war, it shows that the national consumption of luxury goods capacity is gradually increasing, the development of consumer groups flat more obvious.

from the beginning of 2008, the luxury electricity supplier began to enter China, a large number of B2C luxury electricity supplier and comprehensive electricity supplier luxury channels have sprung up. But seven years, come and go. The whole industry is as high as luxury goods and other types of cold electricity, silent, noisy noisy misfits tepid.

and the treasures of the temple library network of a network of close combat the tear forced


recently a sudden luxury electricity supplier PR war sparked a wave of luxury electricity supplier industry. July 7th is a luxury Temple library network anniversary this year, the temple library network don’t last year public clamor about price: "who dare to sell the temple library price" and "the temple library VS mall" at the next line shopping. It is a list of Beijing Shin Kong, Shanghai Plaza, shopping malls selling luxury in class TOP3 brand parity display.

luxury other treasures of the network immediately said: not looking and parity line shopping more boring. Begin to launch an attack, tit for tat from offline to online micro-blog elevator outdoor advertising on the temple library network slobber war launched a comprehensive "sniper".

Temple library network to the elevator video ads to display a PRADA ladies handbags, mall price 17300, temple library network anniversary as long as 9980. Quite tempting, is there? You are not ready to enter the office open buy buy buy mode? But at the moment you stepped into the elevator will give up the idea. Because the treasures of the network in the elevator: "tit for tat advertising items with a base price of 9980 do not, as long as 6999". This effect is the absolute point of the close combat seckill, business advertising campaign Liu also is the first time to see.

in addition to the line sniper, treasures of the temple library network to online network in hot pursuit, flashed a base price "and" treasure price "of a series of price comparison, is" full China price challenge". Time, treasure nets choose one day ahead of schedule in July 6th to intercept the temple library anniversary activities.

relative to the temple library network is weak and slow response, the treasures of the network did not play fun, nothing more is to administrative micro-blog recent hot "stock market" and a copy of the heat. Claimed that thousands of luxury goods gathered in the roof, July 6th to 8, even jump for three days, the war directly to the temple library, while provocative, I jump, you free". Micro-blog attracted many celebrities such as big brother, meaning to ODA bitch and gossip, onlookers forwarding, to their own site,

is very lively!


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