there is a big wave of arrival, want to make money sellers who quickly caught the train ushered in a major revision.

so this revision is mainly reflected in:

Offer guidance tools

add new estimate of the quantity and click Show increase the proportion of the target position, the bid is more intuitive guidance help the shopkeeper determine whether the keyword is the meaning and value of the price. Each refinement to control traffic, improve operational efficiency, see below:

new features introduced

the revision, we can summarize the main points, but also some of the highlights of the reform!

1, support wireless independent bid

this is one of the highlights of the revision, the wireless independent bid, which marks the same scheme can realize the wireless and PC interface will be completely independent; according to your current position to prompt you around the location of the bid, will warm to remind you of this position to bring you some the flow and hits the benefits. This can be a good understanding of everyone!


if the seller of the key words Wireless price has been a separate price change, will be in accordance with the corresponding bid deduction (except for the crowd label, etc.).

as treasurer not separately change the price of keywords wireless, wireless bid is according to the PC price discount * Baby wireless charging, with the word "fold" label.

2, the important position of the proposed bid and raise the corresponding data ratio

Interpretation: according to the

function point location system keywords current bid help real-time calculation of quality position and the front position suggested bid, show the amount and clicks and corresponding suggestions on location can bring promotion ratio.


Keywords: use

function point to change the guiding role on the price of more intuitive, can confirm the target position, estimate the suggested price is beyond the budget, and further through the system is given to show the amount of clicks and enhance the understanding of bid price accounted for.

note: it is recommended that the price included in the first move left and enter the computer must meet the relevant requirements (left position need to meet the correlation dimension of 4 keywords lattice and above) and wireless (mobile quality requirements first keywords 7 points and above).

3, the important position of the new batch grab a separate button

function point interpretation: batch of target keywords to bid


function point of use: you can choose the target keywords, click on the button to batch batch corresponding to the quality of the equipment to the location of the bid, the same can be seen at a glance