is redefining thousand machines flagship standard classic glory glory smooth play 5X in the listed reserve sought after consumers. As consumers purchase enthusiasm, broaden the channels to increase sale glory, Jingdong mall sale platform, in order to maximize the cash reserves to ensure that users buy smoothly. With immediate effect, consumers can visit Jingdong mall in the sale period of a single purchase.


in fact, in the past eleven double panic buying frenzy, glory play 5X with Tmall dual eleven single product sales of the first results in the thousands machine market has become the industry leader in talent shows itself. In the double 11 day, from the whole network offering only 15 minutes and 29 seconds on the occasion, 5X glory play will achieve 100 million yuan turnover, becoming the fastest sales break million mobile phone products.

In the past 11

and double soon after the new listing only at a distance of just one month’s time, 5X will quickly break glory play 1 million sales mark, the continuation of the glory smooth play 4X sales myth. As the first "glory play after the listing of 5X experience, 5X battle" glory play to irresistible force of the potential to seize the initiative, with a strong digital established its thousand machines flagship king status.

in strong sales momentum, 5X is more humane to glory smooth play experience to become the hottest tickets artifact users "". In the rush ticket war, all kinds of software to grab votes, swept the whole network, and 5X as a powerful hardware glory play become the good partner of all kinds of software. According to the netizen said, glory play 5X because it is equipped with the latest fingerprint recognition and the realization of the 2 system instantly unlocked, it only takes 0.5 seconds to complete the unlock screen, more valuable is the fingerprint to unlock after the completion of rush tickets can directly open APP, enter the page to grab votes, greatly saves the unlock, bright screen, looking for APP APP, open time; at the same time, with the function of 5X fingerprint self glory play closer to actual use demand, wet fingers, fingers, no dead local identification accessibility, to meet the various needs of users to grab votes, so you do not need to immediately enter the state to grab votes.

In addition

, 5X glory play high 4G accounting for the net more than the achievements of its "tickets artifact" reputation. Following the glory play 4X challenge flagship mobile phone 4G network than after the success, glory play 5X still maintained a high 4G accounted for net ratio. In the underground channel, subway and other signal is extremely unstable environment, still can ensure that the 4G signal is not degraded, compared to the same type of mobile phone antenna receiving ability is more outstanding. The signal strength and better environment, 5X can get beyond the glory smooth play home fiber broadband network speed, so grab a ticket without waiting, ticket can whenever and wherever possible enjoy speed network.

is based on the above two points, glory play at this year’s 5X peak on the eve of the Spring Festival rush tickets, have been used for many users to grab votes wars "grab tickets artifact, and call it" tickets artifact 2 ", let you in no rush ticket process pressure. December 8th 1>