recently, the retail industry has a fresh and hot news: WAL-MART, the world’s largest retailer in Japan and is planning China Net – launched e-commerce business. It is said that in the near future, Chinese at home, stay at home to buy and display in the WAL-MART supermarket with a product. WAL-MART’s move will not break the original pattern of the retail industry, and become a model for the future development of the supermarket department store business


for such a move, the supermarket department store frankly will retain their views. Carrefour said that at this stage there are still a lot of physical stores in the development of space. Jusco said, Guangdong Jusco is in a online shopping wildly beating gongs and drums. Huarun vanguard relevant responsible person stressed that logistics is the key to enter the retail industry in the field of online shopping, if well resolved, this may provide a new way of thinking for the development of other department stores.


net three


reporters on the "net" event to inquire the WAL-MART public relations department, but to press time, has not been any response to the relevant aspects of the. However, according to insiders revealed that WAL-MART launched e-commerce business in China is sooner or later. The reality is that the successful example of Taobao, the Jingdong the temptation in front of many online shopping mall have set up the store these pursuers behind to catch up with, in order to consolidate their position, move actually very much in line with the large-scale multinational enterprises strategic development thought from the store to the field of electronic commerce. Although all this is not finally settled, but without prejudice to the numerous professionals conducted various discussions on such a change, this or other supermarkets will eventually face the problem.

conjecture 1 small scope of the implementation of VS in full swing

WAL-MART into e-commerce, in foreign countries this is not news, but if implemented in the country, which will cause a chain reaction. Insiders pointed out that WAL-MART is a "enclosure movement" in the mainland market last year, WAL-MART Chinese rose a staggering 22.2% in the volume of business is not the premise of a sudden expansion, and to pick up the sesame lost watermelon, should not be so silly."

it’s an old rival – Carrefour in a few years ago had to test the water online mall to several cities as a pilot to carry out online shopping business. Today, however, Carrefour has retained only two of Beijing’s international metropolises, Shanghai and other cities. Carrefour China PR Director Chen Bo believes that at this stage for Carrefour, online shopping is not the priority of the development of the object. "We believe that the development of large supermarkets in the mainland cities, large space is still great. Online shopping is a trend in the future development, but we do not have a specific timetable, we will focus on the development of the store."

but on the other hand, many of the industry’s senior people are more optimistic about WAL-MART’s territorial expansion, that e-commerce has gradually matured in the mainland