four session of the twelve National People’s Congress press center on March 10th (Thursday) 9 held at the media center multi-purpose hall press conference, invited the NPC deputy director of the division committee Wang Shengming, vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Uritu, vice chairman of the National People’s Congress, Yuan Si, deputy director of the NPC Law Committee Zheng Shuna the related question of the NPC’s legislative work "to answer reporters’ questions.

Legal Daily, legal network reporter:

thank you host. We are concerned that e-commerce is now developing rapidly, has become an important tool for public entrepreneurship, innovation, but in this process, there are some difficulties like consumer rights violations of intellectual property rights have occurred. So we would like to pay attention to what is the legislative process of the electronic commerce law, and then, the law will be in terms of regulating market behavior which measures are more effective? Thank you!


thanks to the media reporter raised the question. E-commerce is a new format and business model of goods sales and service provided by internet. Although the emergence of e-commerce is not long, but for the development of the economy, improve circulation, especially for the convenience of the people’s lives play a very important role. However, after the emergence of e-commerce, there are still some problems, such as the legality of e-commerce business forms, e-commerce market order, which requires the use of legal norms. On the other hand, there are still some violations of consumer rights issues, the reporter also said, such as counterfeiting, fraud violations, the problem is in the traditional business model, but some are new encountered in the development of e-commerce platform, such as responsibility and business data protection issues, all these need to regulate by law.

e-commerce legislation has been included in the twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the legislative plan for the past five years, this law has been drafted by the NPC Financial and Economic Committee led organization. We are now in the electronic commerce legislation, adhere to problem oriented, to the electronic commerce management responsibility, trading and service security, data protection, safeguard the interests of consumers and the market order of fair competition, the content of the specification, has formed a draft law, as soon as possible to the Finance Committee after submitted to the plenary meeting the NPC Standing committee. Thank you!