Jingdong is always Taobao as imaginary, although the scale is still a large gap, but now the development of electronic business platform, only Jingdong may pose a threat to Taobao, and this threat is actually a Jingdong in a few years like a day of losses in the environment, many people in the industry it is very strange why Jingdong losses every year, every year can get huge financing, from this point, the great effect of Taobao as the imaginary enemy, and in fact these Jingdong after years of painstaking experience, has made many consumers initially, indeed Jingdong for Taobao has produced a serious threat, and logistics is the core. Mace.

number of sellers less Jingdong heart disease

when the Jingdong want to engage in what promotional activities, will find a lot of sellers could not cope with their rhythm, a look back the original Taobao issued a final order of their own, if these sellers want to participate in the activities of Jingdong, so sorry, you do not participate in the activities of Taobao, in this context, which is also the seller dare to say a bad word about half the electricity supplier boss, the terms of overlord Taobao, Jingdong through various channels to criticism, but Taobao is ignoring you on the crop, the Jingdong is very furious, now no longer appeared Liu Qiangdong in a speech, called on again for the rights and interests of the seller, the seller has the right to choose their own the platform, the seller should have decided rights.

and this provocative sellers "riot" words, apparently for the Taobao two. The terms of the king, to know the Jingdong last year engaged in a 815 promotional activities, but so far this year, the Jingdong in the 618 anniversary, it basically began to gradually subsided, from the promotion of law years, Jingdong the next promotion may have been imminent, but there has been an important reason with is probably emitted from sellers, if not actively cooperate with the merchants, let a person to pay the Jingdong, estimates of Jingdong are not such a big.

but the seller’s interests in Jingdong worthy of

called for Liu Qiangdong but from the content of Jingdong, the seller should have their own rights and interests, if the business platform for sellers was kidnapped, itself, is indeed a sad thing, want to know what the Seller itself is very busy, don’t you see those diligently in Taobao’s operating shop, finally is the loss of the body, not health, but they earn a little money, even the family couldn’t afford, what’s more, some sellers also so sudden death, from this point of view, if blindly invest in Taobao is clearly appropriate, should be put in their own sales platform more on the platform, to diversify their income, but also can effectively increase the traffic sources, this is obviously more fair for sellers.

Of course, Taobao

also has its own one of two of the capital, because Taobao almost mastered the Internet huge traffic entrance, whether it is Taobao search or guest, have to let Taobao traffic generated enormous dependence on many sellers, if sold.