December 15th, Hangzhou Wanse Agel Ecommerce Ltd CEO huayuhongbo was led by Lady million color city delegation visited South Korea’s third largest city – Daegu City, Korean Medicine University, Mr. President Bian Changxun cordial reception to Ms. Hua Yu line.

(picture of Korean Medicine University and Professor Bian Changxun president of CEO million color city huayuhongbo Ms.

signed a strategic cooperation agreement)

Daegu Korean medicine university was founded in 1980, is a first-class university consists of three colleges, College of Korean Medical College and the health care industry as the leading institute, has advanced research and development, training center, in South Korea’s first WHO (WHO) under the Asia Pacific Federation (FERCAP) International certification. December 2012, South Korea University of medicine, South Korea, food and Drug Safety Office designated as the national quality inspection organs of Korean herbal medicines. Daegu Han Medical University is known as the highest talent pool in the Korean cosmetics industry". In April 1997, Daegu Han Medical University in South Korea for four years in the university first opened a "cosmetic Pharmacology", through field practice course and field in enterprises, industry practice of combining education, has become the highest professional employment in South korea. At the same time, also won the South Korean Ministry of Education awarded the "famous brand".

Hangzhou Wanse Agel Ecommerce Ltd is an innovative model of the mobile Internet platform, has more than 10000 stores and more than 1 million 500 thousand registered members, more than and 200 brand sales from global procurement, more than 10 thousand boutique SKU. The "million color jellyfish" human like collagen series of skin care products, has become a leader in the domestic high-end medical skin care products in the field of.

December 15, 2014, Hangzhou Wanse Agel Ecommerce Ltd and the Daegu Korean Medicine University signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement for the million color city’s flagship brand — "million color, such as" Shu Min repair series of skin care products, provide exclusive long-term technical support for research and development. At the same time, Korean medicine university will also provide the output million color city experts, Professor of resources, to provide professional and authoritative million color city owner skincare knowledge training, Korea and the rest of the world, in the beauty the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and million color city together to create a win-win cooperation in the field of international production the leading example.

Daegu Medical University Changxun president Han Bian said: "by the Hangzhou Wanse Agel Ecommerce Ltd delegation’s visit, the excellent function of Daegu Korean Medicine University of cosmetics and product quality has been fully recognized in the future Korean Medicine University of science and technology achievements accumulated over the years as the basis, develop more differentiated and specialized skin care goods, with professional, high quality and safety of the traditional Korean medicine formula, to meet the needs of consumers online shopping China."

million color city delegation visited the University Museum, Daegakjong village, Sinology university facilities, at the same time, the excellent academic characteristics in the Korean Ministry of Education (designated disciplinary) – "cosmetic Pharmacology" to carry out the research.