in the online shop there are nearly four months, to tell the truth, I now have a little afraid of the Internet, hehe! As long as I opened the computer chat tool is the log "Wangwang", is the first QQ, second, third, and QQ who want and then view the message to me, so repeated every day say, do not bother you. What is deceptive, but more is "happy"! A netizen said: help yourself to earn money, but no matter how much is always happy, but… This said… My heart went to camp.

according to the principle of doing things my network shop business is gradually increased, which makes me more of life to oneself have the confidence, on the way to work every morning, MP4 broadcast of "fly" songs, let people listen to the passion, like this song inspired yourself, think of a sentence: if you have confidence, courage to work, not what can not. Although I’m just a little bit better than when I started, but I firmly believe that, as long as the efforts to adhere to, I will do a better job of online stores, so that more people to buy my product.

about my open shop since some of the wise remark of an experienced person:

1, direct remittance: if some buyers direct bank transfer to Linzi, received information to the account, Linzi is generally the day of delivery, (Note: the supply shortage situation, to inform the buyer of goods to the immediate delivery), it can be removed from the buyers worry. Send a gift in the parcel for delivery to the buyer, against compensation.

, 2 City Trading: some city buyers require face-to-face transactions, Linzi and buyers of the transaction time and place, not what special happens Linzi will reach the trade point on time, so as not to waste your time, also give each other a good impression of punctuality and trustworthiness. The most important thing is to leave the other side of the phone and told the buyer to bring a cell phone, so as not to recognize each other without causing unnecessary trouble.

3, genuine products: to buy something on the Internet, we are most concerned about is two points, one is the product of true and false, one is the price level in this group would like to open shop to tell friends, do not be cheap in some fake and shoddy products, which not only let you not repeat easily "poor", once a buyer to a bad deal back, the chances of success will be declining, about the product price, as the saying goes: to get value for money products is one of the most satisfactory, I shop price is not minimum or maximum, but I dare say is absolutely "value for money", itself than the reality of network shop shop eliminates a lot of idle fees, there is no need to raise the price, when it is working in a part-time job. How much is the most important "to earn happiness" .

4, efficiency: since the open network of shops, my typing speed is rapid, ha ha! Now with ten people chat can also be handy if typing, reply too slow hand business will run away, but occasionally is wrong, the people say back to another, to buy some.