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i horse reading Jinshan CEO Fu Sheng recently in the well-known online education platform Dobe network to share his entrepreneurial story. Since the 2008 resignation, Fu Sheng was experienced in the venture capital industry, one of the houses, with several combinations of Jinshan entrepreneurial process, he experienced a period of sadness, also met with Zhang Ying and Lei Jun two. "I will meet you in the first perception of entrepreneurship is, if no one can help you, is only a slogan."


will talk about: "in my entire entrepreneurial process, Lei Jun and Zhang Ying helped me a lot. My first feeling in the process of entrepreneurship is that you have to meet you, if no one can help you, is only a slogan, after experiencing the two class, I began their exploration of the road of entrepreneurship." Talk about entrepreneurship: "anyway, I have about one hundred thousand dollars, looking for a team, a house in the suburbs. Then, people live in the upper and lower work, each person per month living expenses, find aunt cook, if you can hold a year, maybe things will change for the better." Tan Jiating: "the most difficult moment cattle development, my wife and children sent home, now I go home to pick up their kids, children are not to hold, start from one of the houses, now with Kingsoft merger, was very uncomfortable, but in the mind again want to start the goal is not to make a a good product, don’t change the world but at least satisfy your sense of achievement."

is the following text record:

from 360 to venture capital industry

I was in August 16, 2008 (from the Qihoo 360) to leave, why remember so clearly, because it was the day of the Japanese surrender of the day. I received the Jingwei venture capital founder Zhang Ying left that afternoon call, that time has just begun in China Jingwei business, Zhang Ying invited me to the latitude, but I feel more suitable for business, then Zhang Ying said you can first learn to identify the direction of investment, after the re start. Others say that life in noble, Zhang Ying is my noble, very lucky at that time met him, just enter the venture capital circles began with the circle of people have exchanged.

from venture capital industry to venture

Lei Jun

meet a.

later, a friend asked me to do angel investors want to see Lei, I said too, that it is the idol. At the end of 08, we met. When he asked me some questions, one of which is the 360 development so quickly is my big credit or credit of Zhou Hongyi? This problem is a test, I said it was Zhou Hongyi’s work, although he did not control me, but the structure is very important, a lot of province the trouble for me, so I can wholeheartedly in a sound environment to put energy into the products above, does not need to consider the product of something other than. At that time, the total is still very satisfied with the answer, the answer to this question, he