see Adsense nets have this article ( on the CN domain name after a few benefits. He mentioned that there are five advantages, I have different views on this.

first, the SEO. For web site optimization or want to optimize their web site keywords, the number of domain names and quality is not related. SEO is a kind of state of mind, is a kind of concept, their key words do not go, first from their own reasons, the original degree of the article and the quality of the external connection, rather than blindly say CN domain name too much lead. COM domain name for so long, it is bound to refuse more.

second, easy to remember the domain name will be easier to register. I still agree with that. A lot of people holding a domain element, regardless of the price and to what extent, many people of the domain name will flesh away, so there will be a good domain name down. Although many people registered, a lot of ideas, combinations are gone, I found a lot of people can come up with a good domain name. I also like to ponder the domain name, and sometimes can think of a good COM domain name, not to mention CN?

third. Good website will be more and more. Good web site has been a lot, but now more than the webmaster, each site is also a webmaster, so it is not easy to find in the vast sea. There is for the benefit of the baby just to grow up to take out the vampire, selling the connection to make it dead, became orphans.

The domain name

fourth, you can sell a good price. I have sold the domain name, but also to see a lot of friends of their own tens of dollars, a registered domain name sold thousands of. Perhaps the hands of a good CN meters can be valuable, but also need to wait for the people.


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