According to a survey conducted by Pricewaterhouse for the U.S. Online Advertising Bureau, online advertising revenue has become a viable revenue model for the magazine, which is a new business for marketers. 2004, online advertising to reach $11 billion,

38.9% higher than the same period last year, breaking the record set in 2000.

this awareness is reasonable? Lorenzoni that in B2B advertising, the conditions are ripe. B2B magazine online revenue in the past few years, more than two times, some magazines, online advertising revenue budget can reach up to 20%. In a particularly sophisticated marketing system, the Internet and online become a privilege, he said, because the production costs, if not unexpected, online sales will win."

by Thomsen media company "EmployeeBenefit Newa" (EBN) magazine and BenefitNews.eom magazine website as an example, according to the website of online sales director Michel · Arthur Weisz, the website on the Internet to carry out various sponsored by an advertiser is conducive to the human resources department to improve the competitiveness of the company’s survey, the survey results published in the Journal EBN. Arthur Weisz said: "integrated marketing we adopt today in the way of the Internet bubble period can not be achieved, now the media companies want their money wisely." Eileen, vice president and chief marketing officer of the American metropolitan life-insurance company, said that the company’s electronic version of the ads in 24 hours a day to be issued to the customer, but after a few of the elimination of only 5 Conroy. The human resource department recently sent the electronic version of advertising has 31000 responses, the rate reached 51%, than the industry average level of 20%-25% is much higher.