Beijing on July 19th news, according to Google’s blog that Google will launch next week in Kansas fiber broadband 1Gbps network based on new. To this end, Google has also established a dedicated page, announced that 1Gbps broadband network will be launched in July 26th. In addition, Google not to disclose more details, but Google said on its website, there will be more content of in July 26th, so stay tuned.

GigaOm blog, Google has issued an invitation, Google wrote in the invitation, next Thursday, they want to invite you to participate in a Google fiber conference, which will be a new chapter in the internet. Google said the project was announced in February 2010 and started construction of the backbone network in the month, Google said it had expected to launch the network this summer. Google launched the optical fiber project, is to build an optical based commercial high-speed broadband network, so that Google and others can use the highest 1Gbps broadband, testing new business models and applications. Also worth mentioning is that thousands of city competition has Google high-speed broadband project, the Kansas City.


now seems, Google 1Gbps broadband network will soon be realized. Earlier this summer, Google set-top boxes have been approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, it is not known how many networks have been built.

in February of this year, general manager of Google Kevin Lo has said that Google has begun to build 1Gbps high-speed broadband, but now the first to build a Google network, and then build the fiber to the home or business. Kevin Lo, the new network construction process, many streets and places need to dig out land back in the fiber, it takes time, but once completed, Google fiber broadband connection speed will be 100 times faster than the rest of America broadband.


said it has no intention to enter the competition in the broadband market and local broadband service providers, the establishment of 1Gbps fiber broadband, is a commercial test platform, look at the speed of 1Gbps may have what applications and services. In spite of this, some people still think that Google to build a high-speed fiber-optic broadband motives.

according to GigaOm blog author speculated that Google’s move is to know the operating costs of broadband. For Google and other services provided by Netflix, some broadband service providers have complained for many years, they said, Google is on their network provides a free shuttle. And now Google to build their own broadband network, you can know how much operating costs.

so far, Google has not yet explained where it will deploy a similar high-speed broadband network. But some people speculated that Google may launch a similar high-speed broadband in Europe somewhere.

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