reasonably determine the advertising object

      identify the object of advertising, can be targeted to develop these people to attract attention, stimulate their desire to buy advertising. It is not easy to identify the object of advertising, all of the Internet users are not necessarily the object of advertising, after careful arrangement and careful division to determine. There are many indicators to identify the target, such as gender, age, culture, income, interest, occupation, etc..

      different gender, the needs of people with different preferences, there is a world of difference in the consumption of products on the outside of the necessities of life. If the product itself has a gender color, then the judgment of the sex ratio is very necessary.

      age is also a factor. Young people, especially unmarried, more concerned about how to make yourself more perfect and romantic, in the clothing, cosmetics and other goods often do not spend; married people more practical, more attention to children, home decoration, daily life etc.. If the product is a household electrical appliance, then, the choice of older age groups of Internet users is necessary.

      the same age of Internet users, in the income, interest, career and other aspects of the difference. Income determines consumption, different income levels have different consumption structure. Accurate division of Internet users than the income and population ratio, so as to decide what kind of product launch, decided to use what kind of advertising tone. Specific occupations tend to have specific consumer needs and motivations. Occupation distribution users do not show the regularity, but many common characteristics of the website must have Internet users, the characteristics and commonness and grasp in order to analyze the users of consumer motivation and consumer preferences, different occupation on the goods based on the recognition is different, in advertising planning, to accurately grasp.

      a lot of bosses always idealize that all the people are buyers of products! "Mass" does not exist, there is only a specific person in the life of a certain similarity of groups, and no public, the object is defined as the public is a blur.

      another noteworthy problem is the study of advertising planning object object is not specific and meticulous, and will catch a hundred, therefore could not find the consumer focus, focus on some seemingly important issues, but of no importance. This is often a fatal factor affecting the overall effectiveness of advertising, but often overlooked. More advertising planners willing to "design" and "design" and "design", "color" efforts, while the actual important article behind doing enough.

      advertisement should cooperate with marketing plan. Marketing plan has regional, such as the national, city