editor’s note: domestic digital music has been a wonderful industry, everyone knows that this industry is large, broad prospects for the future, but only in which only know the sweet and sour. Then several major domestic digital music service website: watercress FM, QQ music, and live at present have small shrimp meters? In the current domestic users is difficult to accept the paid download case, digital music service tried the

model?According to

Chinese "business daily" reported, watercress FM, QQ music, and meters are small shrimp transition:


FM completely using the radio mode, the main push "hot cool music + recommended content, PC users will be shifted to the mobile terminal.

QQ music with WeChat and other powerful members of its own system to open up the advantages of each terminal platform, two times the content of the reorganization of the radio.

small shrimp after the acquisition of Ali, quickly realize the legalization of "open music channel", from music to music development platform.

more than the music is more inclined to music social function development.

profit model for this inherent problem, four choose to do this:


are all trying to pay to download, such as watercress with two kinds of charging mode or monthly package service for half a year, but the effect is not ideal. In the view of CEO meters music Shi Jianping, a music community business model 3: one is the future direction of direct charge, such as within the community Master can charge for subscriptions to popular songs. Two is the value-added services, such as monthly, unlimited downloads, mobile phone ringtones and songs, audiobooks. Three advertising model.

discovered that Shi Jianping from the service model, and now users are not satisfied with simple songs, more like a way to music and people love to share or set up their own radio station. Moreover, in the field of music social, user generated content developed rapidly. Social music greatly enhance user stickiness, let users online music playlist the average length is two times longer than the previous version.

entertainment + social +UGC mode is becoming the direction of multi meter trial. From the angle of entertainment, meters and is one of the first batch of "I am" the strongest "singer" Chinese "The Voice of China" program music released music service cooperation. "Quickly spread to the phone, so that the audience as soon as possible to hear, because the audience watching TV is a lot of pick up the phone to search for music." Shi Jianping told reporters.