venture capitalists encounter difficulties in the enterprise is too demanding, when progress is too hasty to cash out, but Sequoia Capital act in a diametrically opposite way, perhaps it is because entrepreneurs sought.

in 1968, when Glass · Leone (Doug Leone) came to New York, Mount Vernon, the 11 year old Italy immigrants feel lost. He failed in a math exam at school because the two words "True" and "False" made him confused.

He was wearing

from the Sears department store (Sears) bought very inappropriate casual pants, all the classmates laugh. After school, he is a person to watch "Mike Hale of the navy in the black and white TV" (McHale s Navy), I hope to learn English, to integrate into the local community.

a few years later, Leone began to find the direction of life. "As a teenager, I had a summer job in the boat, perspiration comes down like raindrops hard." Leone recalled, "I can see the kids in the country club swimming pool on the other side. Young boys and girls chat. I said to myself, ‘I can’t wait to meet you in the business world. You just made a big mistake, that is to let me in. ""

ambition, weakness, excuse. Many of these immigrants will achieve success and win recognition in emotional restraint in the process of rise head and shoulders above others. They hide their humble origins and try their best to integrate into the American society. But that’s not the case with Leone.

even if he is expensive for the Sequoia Capital Venture Capital Company (Sequoia Capital) managing partner, but he still behaves like a humble background, in order to get the first time can take a break opportunity and hard struggle. He said: "one of the major driving forces behind me is fear."

walks into the simple office of Sequoia Capital, which is located in the centre of the dune Road, which is the center of the Silicon Valley, to see what happens to a couple of hungry perfectionists like Leone. Let’s start with the door. There hang 98 companies financing documents framed copy. One of the big companies from the 1980 listing of apple (Apple) began, including LinkedIn (Oracle), CISCO (Cisco), YAHOO (Yahoo), Google (Google) and other giants.

they are the children of Sequoia capital. Since its inception in 1972, Sequoia capital invested a lot of start-up companies, and now the market value of the staggering $1 trillion and 400 billion, equivalent to the total market capitalization of $22%.

, however, Sequoia Capital has not been able to show you what you might be doing in other top venture capital companies (not to mention JP Morgan or KKR)