makes learning and development your main task in 2013.

the new year is approaching, the time of wishing again. As usual, we need to eat healthy, work hard, get promoted, or spend more time with family. Needless to say, these are necessary. But here I would like to put forward a challenge for those entrepreneurs: learning and development to become your main task in 2013.

if you run a start-up company, there is no doubt that it will compete with the world’s most intelligent people, whether from large enterprises, or start-up companies. Success depends on your knowledge. Learning is a new skill to increase your success.

do you want to learn too? We have collected some of the following resources for you:

1 Udacity, offers a range of free online courses from well-known university professors, including:

1) introduction to artificial intelligence (CS271);

2) how to create a company (EP245);

3) subscribe to Venture Lab, online free access to a series of entrepreneurship courses from Stanford University.



2 Udemy, open education platform, the main contents include:

1) the last course: how to finance a company;

2) social media marketing for startups;

3) recruitment: how to attract, hire and retain talent;

4) how to create a business.

3 Coursera, free online courses offered from a well-known university professor:

1) programming language

2) cryptography II



4 Udemy, technical courses:

1) how to develop iPhone and iPad applications in an hour;

2) learning Ruby on Rails (which allows users to develop, deploy and maintain web applications become more simple framework)

3) around the Institute to develop iPhone and iPad application detailed tutorial;

4) learn all programming languages;