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Chinese version of Square" reputation of the company by providing money, POS payment service cut into the mobile payment market for small and micro businesses, has won about 300000 small and micro businesses, total transaction amount exceeded 10 billion yuan. However, with the continuous upgrading of Alipay, WeChat and other Internet payment products and new products have been launched, the money also will usher in a new challenge, in this regard, we may wish to listen to the 80 Hongkong entrepreneurs is how to change the world and his understanding of the mobile Internet opportunities.

following Li Yinghao oral:

Ali attention online merchants, money focused on the line of small and micro businesses

we’re a very interesting startup. Qian Fang was founded more than three years, many key words in the mobile Internet can be associated with our company, for example, the combination of hardware and software, Internet banking, a variety of APP. The difference is that we are not usually referred to as consumers or C side, but a variety of small and micro businesses. In the Internet age, Ma for online merchants launched Taobao and Alibaba, and the Internet through this technology means for the rapid development of online merchants business. But for small and micro businesses under the line, they are the biggest application of the Internet is to watch the video, or play online games. We believe that they did not get any real services and benefits in the process of the rapid development of the Internet, many of the problems they face in the course of business has not been resolved and improved.

so, we chose to start from the beginning of the payment, the introduction of QPOS products, combined with APP to help small and micro businesses to solve the collection of receivables under their line. In addition, starting from the merchant through QPOS to complete the first business, we began to provide them with the corresponding value-added services. From the first generation of money QPOS products now, just over two years, the country has nearly five hundred thousand of small and micro businesses are using our QPOS products. We also found that most of the current through the summary, the line of small and micro businesses are concerned about four issues: the first is the collection; second is to maintain the relationship between businesses with customers; the third is how to store merchants mouth; fourth is how to transform the old and new customers. And we also hope that through mobile Internet technology innovation to help small and micro businesses to solve these problems. For example: we launched the QPOS soon, it also developed a meow micro shop, to help small businesses through mobile phone in the online shop, to help small and micro businesses to manage and operate the customer, help small and micro businesses to promote shop etc..

founder team from our position on the merchant

money side a total of three founders. My identity is special, is a native of Hongkong people. Perhaps because of this reason, I can be regarded as an early mobile Internet experience. In 2002 I began to come into contact with a variety of smart devices, from the age of the PALM to the beginning of the windows mobile, and then in December 2007, I have the