just started to contact SEO is more than half a year ago, when I do not know what they are still doing Taobao, SEO is very strange, until the last Taobao did not have the effect of slowly began to contact the SEO.

I started the Taobao

almost a year ago, just contact Taobao own indescribably happy, can feel their own money, bought a fifth generation Taobao virtual recharge software, pay one thousand dollars to the consumer protection fund, I started the Taobao business, but also with the school told me not good do Taobao, but I do not know what the reason is not good, I thought I must persist, persist for a long time, it is for a long time, finally, he finally did not persist, but also lost some money, the recharge software is now obsolete and useless, in a few of the struggle, I have sad tears, I hate myself why are you so naive, you don’t want to earn some pocket money how so difficult, naive to think that their own efforts to achieve the objective, but not all. Efforts have results. After the failure of Taobao once I don’t want to see, because I vow to students around a friend sent me the link to let them take care of a lot of shops to visit a lot of promotion, but now I not only failed and lost badly badly, when the sweat and effort to pay no return that is what kind of feeling? I mean do not let yourself out of the house, own ourselves down, scold me is a loser, I once hated myself…… But then, after a while, I pulled over and decided where to fall and where to get up, and slowly I found SEO.

SEO the first time I saw a promotion or from the web site to see, then made a video of people, I feel very attractive to see, because Taobao lessons, I was more carefully, I carefully watched the video several times, my heart is very anxious to do with SEO Taobao off, but I’m hesitating to station, because I don’t think I decided to build a station, and I began to look for the establishment of the video data, but a lot of data, video has a lot of, look at my eyes, with a week’s time I finally learned knowledge for their own station set up a website Taobao started off, but I completely forgot at that time saw SEO decided to do Taobao off site, and now I have a website is for the web site, there is a Taobao guest website I have Forget to learn SEO knowledge, just blindly seeking quick, what is yourself is just the feeling of their makeshift, every day to update the site, but do not know what the update just nonsense? Update some news on their website, sometimes occasionally send something with your own website not related articles just over a month, I do not know how to do the site in the end, because I won’t check the website, even if the check I do not see do not know how to express what you mean? After more than a month, the stock was impulse momentum station disappeared after I began to think of SEO, and then go to the school library to borrow some books on the SEO, look for a long time, but most of my.