Lei Jun (China Network Plan)

China News Beijing time on May 11th, the eighth Entrepreneurs Conference held in Beijing, the theme of the conference is to embrace the mobile Internet, and Lei Jun as a special guest, made a special speech in the main hall.

compared to the infinite passion in the Rice noodles Festival, in the entrepreneurship conference podium, Lei Jun is more low-key, dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans canvas shoes casual dress, in front of the said millet in 2012 to create a record.

according to the disclosure of the data shows that in 2012, millet sold a total of 7 million 190 thousand mobile phone 12 billion 650 million, including tax transactions, "do ten billion of sales is not an easy thing in more than two years of time, I think a short period of three years, millet with their own growth experience advanced proved the power of the Internet and the Internet development model."

in the eyes of many people, millet is a follower of apple, from design to marketing mode, is in imitation of apple, but for Lei Jun, millet and apple are two different companies, millet is a way to use the Internet to do mobile phone millet, believe that the power of the internet."

according to Lei Jun introduction, MIUI is after 1095 days of research and development, after a week of iterations, called on millions of people to participate in the. "I think the opening and sharing of the Internet, many people do not understand the secret of millet, millet secret up because I was a fancier, I have a lot of ideas on mobile phone."

in Lei opinion, entrepreneurship success hand is entrepreneurs focus on the cause, on the other hand, to fully mobilize the user’s interest, let them in, "from the masses, to the masses."

then Lei with the presence of entrepreneurs to share their understanding of the Internet, the first point is "never lazy", this is Lei visit Tongrentang hundred years to "Everlasting Secret"; the second is to do service, "if our services can compete if there is a sea fishing the reputation of the company."

The second is the marketing

Lei Jun said, "we believe that the best product is the best marketing, service marketing.

said he was successful, in the scene, Lei Jun said, "the most successful is the owner of a small hotel, people queuing every door, someone called positioning, he is successful, so millet has always adhere to the office of a small company, but many adults may business is very small, M is a small company

finally, Lei Jun said, most of all is just starting, I hope that we adhere to the entrepreneurial character, even in the future to do ten thousand people is to today’s work, every day will be very happy, but if you work MBA tutorial to teach you, started the disaster, may also be the retirement age of 48.

at present, the mobile Internet has become the future of the Internet