Referly founder Danielle Morrill

American start-up company Referly this week announced that it will adjust the company’s development route, and acknowledged the failure of the previous model. The founder of the company Danielle Morrill said today that this is done in order to avoid the company into Zombie mode, and boldly admit that the existence of the problem is the right way.

founder of a start-up company, I am not worried about the biggest business failure, but the company became a zombie company. It’s like the movie "sixth sense", Bruce · Willis doesn’t realize he’s dead, and he still wants to have dinner with his wife. So are some startups. These companies still seem to be operating, but in fact has died.

startups need a long time to die. I won’t mention any specific company, but you can browse the Yclist site and Alexa, if a company in the past 1 years without any traffic growth, but it is still in operation, it can be said that this is a zombie company. Yes, even if the company is focused on mobile and enterprise markets, in the early stages of the development of network traffic should also be healthy growth.

last summer, business incubator Y Combinator incubator company each received $150 thousand investment. With this money, many people can continue to develop the company, or to adjust the direction of development. After 6 months of Demo Day, I don’t think any of these companies have officially declared death. So let me say that Referly is dead. This is not to say that the site no longer exists, or that all employees have other work. The current situation is that our initial idea has proven to be wrong, so we "killed" Referly. I also openly admit that we must change the direction of development.

last summer, when the seed financing market is very hot, we worked very hard to finance Demo Day. At that time I seriously considered the A round of financing or seed financing. In order to understand the situation, I talked with a number of investors at the time, I would like to know if we want to get more investment, then they want to see what we do. I will never forget the answer that I got at that time, as the following:

"for the early days of the company from the Y Combinator or other incubators, the biggest problem we see is that when they come out from the incubator and complete seed financing 1 to 2 years, saw their survival and the pursuit of the goal is very good, but then we will ask the team’s growth, and the way they grasp the opportunity. But we find that nothing has changed. The same 2 to 3 individuals, the same idea, key indicators, >