bird @ old Tai is exposed to higher in October of 08, it will still be silly to other people click, take rebate. Also specifically calculated: a click of 1 cents, plus the return of each click on the draw for the price of $1.5 per day to spend a few hours to point to 1000 times, is about $15, a very simple daily income over 100. Also flattered and students to show off, I ~ ha ha! You may be said to be true smile.

then slowly found the money is so slow, the heart also began to worry, constantly looking for more foreign click site. A lot of people selling so-called "guaranteed income 100 yuan" Wangzhuan tutorial found in the process of looking. In fact, the old Thai was really want to buy, but he was still a student, so I can not buy. Slowly he also collected a number of other people out of the tutorial, are very careful to see, confused for a long time. Followed by the emergence of a lot of daily income of 100 yuan free training to achieve payment after income". How can such a good thing not to participate in the old Thai? So in accordance with the requirements of their modified QQ signature and so on, can learn in a few days, its fundamental purpose is to teach you a station, and I was not a station, but not so much money to buy them, so we should be grounded once again… Laughed again, so a simple scam would turn the old Thai to cheat.

later, I got was "be in full swing to understand the day to earn 50 yuan Comedy picture source station. That is called an excited mood, immediately bought the domain name space (fortunately, then the CN meter is one yuan registration), began my site. I found the GG account, how to do? Try to apply for a GG Adsense suddenly found that the application interface is how familiar, is it? Oh, just want to. Immediately turned over the Internet for so many years to use all the Email, really found. If not mistaken I should be in 05 years or 06 years I take their own a third party blog application under the GG account. It seems to me in a few years before the higher the subconscious….

later and then come into contact with the network, hundreds of online video made in suangke have gradually learned the Wangzhuan Road, then some of the "celebrity" by the tutorial or ebook, he gradually summed up current Wangzhuan type basic mode and core ideas.

blink of an eye, to the 09 year of the Spring Festival, as a result of the home is not a school, so very few internet. I’ve been thinking… Consider what is not suitable for do Wangzhuan, which was the most suitable for their own development to Wangzhuan, and how to develop it? Because of this when I was a graduate student, I have been very confused. Want to work hard for a few months, if you still can not successfully enter the state of profitability, then give up, go to work

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