advertising alliance is now more and more, and the webmaster who for a variety of reasons, choose bad advertising alliance, below I simply say how to choose a good advertising alliance.

first: learn to choose reputable advertising alliance. Now do better in this regard, such as Adsense advertising alliance, QV, etc., first of all, it is best to choose a relatively large advertising alliance. Business qualification. The best is the business license and ICP taste, if you choose a person to open the advertising alliance, then there is a certain risk. If the union is suddenly closed, the money doesn’t want to come back. I believe that everyone in the forum also often see a lot of posts that their money was so black to the league. So before you choose to ask more.

choose a good reputation of the alliance, you can learn more through friends. Do not blindly do. Ask more. Old post can be asked under the old post. I’ll give you some advice. Finally, according to the proposal, your own reference in comparison to what you already know a few alliances, choose whether to do any advertising alliance. Now do better in this regard, such as Adsense advertising alliance, QV, Baidu advertising alliance, GOOGLE, etc., are very good!

second: select a shorter settlement cycle alliance. The general mode of payment is paid monthly, and a week, pay day. Now the advertising alliance should pay less. Recommended weekly pay. If the settlement cycle is long. Risk has increased a lot. Money is only money in your pocket. The truth is that we all know. Like 9V to 80 to pay, GOOGLE to $100, and Adsense advertising alliance to 60 yuan can be paid, and support online payment, very convenient!

third: is to look at the advertising alliance data return cycle. Long cycle of Union data return. Transparency is poor. It is best to choose the real time to return to the advertising alliance. But it depends on your choice of advertisers in the league. Some advertisers data is second days to return. There is no way to give you a real advertising alliance to return data. Can only wait until second days. In short, as far as possible to choose the data return period short advertising alliance and alliance advertising, to reduce their losses to the minimum.

fourth: choose a responsible alliance customer service officer. Personally, I think a good customer service. Help yourself will be great. Will help you solve a lot of problems. If there is something wrong with the ad code. The first time to inform you. Reduce your loss. This is also the key. I also know a few ad League customer service. They often talk. Now many of the owners are cattle. Don’t love to talk about. I don’t think it’s very good. If you want others to respect you, you should respect others first. You’re the only one who made him a friend. He will really serve you. Adsense advertising alliance service is very good, the answer. < >