To open the network directory ( to submit your site, is an extremely important step of website promotion. This is very important because there are many search engines and online portals are using the DMOZ search results as its search results. As one of the largest online directory, DMOZ is not the same as Google and other search engines using automatic search procedures for web site indexing and editing, which can browse the catalogue of the classification of all the work done by the manual. So when submitting your site to DMOZ, you must pay attention to the following items to ensure that the site has been successfully included:

1 ensure content submission is reproduced, rather than the original image or copy

if your website content just some affiliate links, or other cloning site content, then your submission is likely rejected by DMOZ. DMOZ not included those reproduced, mirror or replication site. The included site, once they are found, copy or original image, DMOZ will also be removed. So if your site is really a member of the product, you can add some information on the site or some additional information. The editor of the DMOZ will think that your site provides at least some original content.


is the actual content of a website, but they also like us, website misspellings and poor appearance makes them greatly impressed on your web site. According to my experience, those who have been professionally designed and well content site, will always be included in the DMOZ.

3 that contains specific contact information submitted to the site

if your website is only one E-MAIL address as the contact information, that is not enough. I once asked a DMOZ editor, he told me that when he checks the submission site, if you can not find the actual address or phone number, he would think that the site does not have credibility. Especially for a product sales site, you must establish a good credibility with your customers. In this case, for a DMOZ editor, he will ask you to provide the correct contact information.

4 to ensure that the website submitted to select the correct directory

to use automatic processing program search engine submission site, is a very easy thing, not many factors to consider. But to submit to the network directory is not the same, select the appropriate network directory directory is a highlight in the process of submission. You can look at those sites similar to the content on your site in which directory, if you think the list is the site for you, then you need to be in the directory, click "add site link". In.