many people earn thousands of dollars because of the excitement and quit his job and joined Taobao customers, but if you do not code, not the promotion, on your hands and a mouth, do you think you will make money? Continue reading this article will explain and give me several Taobao customers to promote skills.

1 to update the content on the site, do not let the user to search for you or through the chain to find your content is always the same as not updated, you will lose a lot of potential users.

2 maintenance group blog, I want to say in a detailed, blog group is not a gathering to add news links you can write, but also in the blog to write original, a long time the spider will think is a very high weight station link to you. I used the blog (Tianya, Hexun, Baidu, Sohu, Sina, 163, 19 floor).

3 do not just look at the value of the PR link, even if you do not have the same income PR10, to choose those who try to snapshot the day of the site, enhance your included time and ranking.

4 clever use of happy net, the school network and circle as well as blog friends to add these friends full, to publish articles and advertising.

5 do not blindly send Taobao guest link, you know what?. Do not know the best thing less. So in the promotion of advertising must be written.

6 was included in the chain is not the 1000 important, you are still far away, your goal should be the next 10000 or 100000.

7 to learn more about other people’s promotion, pay attention to learning is not plagiarism, plagiarism is always a waste of time, deceive yourself.

8 paid a month without income, do not give up. A year or half a year is your chance to make money.

Not many

words, blandishments is not much, but you value you try.

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