himself is a genuine grassroots webmaster, no more get a decent website, but I have to toil in this circle by webmaster have the resources and technology, the monthly income of 10000 yuan, and now share with you how I do it. I believe you can do.

I mainly through the following ways to make money, all about the webmaster.

1, garbage station

Although we have a decent

grassroots webmaster website, but the station is still there, I have a movie station every day, IP is not much, hanging around 1000IP, Baidu alliance, the station a month can earn 200 yuan.

2, then the task

‘s joint task, we grassroots webmaster can be said to be omnipotent, their own reform program, LOGO, art, I will spare time pick up LOGO, simple procedures and other tasks, or some other small tasks, the charge is also very cheap, a month to earn him a $100 left and right, sometimes to help people to write the soft Wen, earn more.

3, sell link

we have to do a little more time after the webmaster should have some link resources. I use the hands of a few PR link station, by selling links, but a month to sell 1000 or so, this is more than I earn the site, but I can not think of. Ha-ha。

4, do network marketing

the last point is to make use of their accumulated knowledge of Internet marketing, for some small and medium-sized enterprises do network marketing, this is the most profitable part, I am in a chance for a couple of small and medium-sized enterprises do network marketing, make a small number of MONEY. I also can be a monthly income of million of the most important factors, and now mainly share this process. In the beginning of 2010, due to the pressure of the policy is tight, some of my garbage station, movie station has been K. At that time really want to give up the industry. This is when the global economic crisis is popular, many webmaster said the Internet is an opportunity for the economic crisis, I did not give up, wandering the Internet for a long time, because the original owners do have a small business to help local network marketing is done, I want to give up when he came I talk about a business, is the use of network marketing knowledge, help a batch of his long backlog of goods out, can sell what. I thought I was doing nothing, so I started helping him. He sold the product is the shoe, because the economic crisis, there are a large number of shoes backlog in the library, I received a single, then chose the best database marketing. Use Baidu search engine to find a lot of data, the data in G (www.gshuju.com) found the target in the above forum, I found a Fujian shoe company list, I’ll have to download the business directory to the computer, sorting out these enterprise email address, and then use mass software >