the network completed in August by Qiming led Bertelsmann with the cast of B $25 million round of financing, valuation reached $150 million, but this time the network was set up a year time only. VC should be a bit of a big brother, the investment institutions do not actually need to make money in the project, it needs to have the same as the project grew up neuropathy.


certainly, pull hook net should be is this one of neuropathy as the project, a short time growing madness, do not consider how to profit, but think about how the plate to do more. To understand this, look back at the pull hook net hit 5 million Monday is to create recruitment, behoove, is not the story? Internet analyst Xu just born, clearly understand this.

Internet vertical recruitment valuation bubble

in the field of Internet recruitment vertical pull hook net, not alone, the street network, push the network, Zhou Botong, etc. are also outstanding tenderness in the field of Internet recruitment vertical. 2011 street network access to fidelity, New Oriental, and three institutions tens of millions of dollars level financing; 2013 push network established the beginning of the 2 million 500 thousand angel investment innovation factory in September 15, 2014 announced the acquisition of NetEase; Zhou Botong recruitment capital of 28 million yuan of A round of financing in August 12, 2014; and won $20 million B round of financing 100 million valuation…… For a time, favorable capital of the Internet recruitment industry vertical burning hot, all the name of the subversion of the traditional Internet recruitment banner of the company can be more or less favored capital, but favored capital does not necessarily imply that the prospects of people look forward to, it may be another bubble.

Xu just give a pull hook net data, Chinese Internet practitioners about 3 million people, an average of more than two times for work, every year about 1 million 500 thousand people for work (from "Xu just chat behind" pull hook net transformation and elegant); pull hook nets in different site also gives another set of data, the network statistics at present, there are about 5 million IT employees, of which 70% people every 2-3 years to replace the work through the Internet, which means that the Internet recruitment target users about 1 million 200 thousand a year on average (from the DoNews story: "new Internet recruitment vertical pull hook net to support the high valuation"). Take them, we are in accordance with the annual 1 million 350 thousand Internet recruitment target users. Remove like qianchengwuyou, ChinaHR Zhaopin these big Mac, pull hook network can get the market share should be less than 20%, the value is 400 million yuan, and $150 million (900 million yuan) valuation compared with obvious huge water.

the network profit model is not clear


has been declared for the network enterprise charges, but for now, did not see the charges announced to the enterprise. Show announced in the network information, the pull hook.