1, let the goods "? Find martial art"

?? it is necessary to consider the classification of the merchandise in the shelves before. Choose a suitable classification to help customers quickly find you from the page shopping guide, which is one of the main e-commerce. There are a few tips:

?? (1) but not blind to choose a classification. Before you choose to look at the full open to you all the classification, and then carefully consider which is the most appropriate.

?? (2) if the goods have a variety of attributes, such as mobile phone accessories, cross stitch, embroidery products, it belongs to the class but also belongs to the mobile phone accessories, can also be a gift. So in addition to add the main classification should add "subordinate classification", each product can add up to a main classification (E) and two subordinate classification. In this way, the customer will find your baby on the possibility of a big three times.

?? 2, a good name

?? the name of goods should be concise language to summarize the characteristics of goods, to regulate, can let a person see a general understanding of the basic information of goods, and it is easy to find from the search engines. 6688 the format of the commodity name recommended:

?? + + + name brand commodity specification description

?? for example, "15ml Lancome oil free nutrition cream luster" commodity name should be at least: Lancome (brand) + luster nutritive eye cream (trade name) + 15ml (specification) + (no oil type), namely: Lancome brilliance Nutrition Cream 15ml (no oil type)

?? 2 cases: a set of 7 DVD with exquisite card "can be written as:" the adventures of Tintin Tintin (brand name) 7DVD (specifications) + free card (description): "Tintin" 7DVD (free card)

?? should avoid all kinds of so-called "personalized" symbol in the name of the commodity, such as – * * – like. First, give people the feeling is not professional, like small vendors, greatly reduce the degree of trust. Second, some symbols may cause the name of the goods can not be displayed properly.    

?? 3, good stuff to put it on the door

?? (limited to the purchase of shops and businesses) how to make customers in the store to see you at the first glance that caught his eye? This need to do a good job of commodity recommendation, shop page default recommendation is based on the time order, the recommended time later, the location of the display on the more. If you do not recommend anything, the default to show all the goods, automatic paging. Take the time to take stock of your baby and let the best things come up.    

?? 4, pictures, decided to see whether the love