in fact, the impact of the factors affecting the AdSense revenue is certainly not just four so simple, but I put all the factors into these four.

which of the four elements? Is: flow properties, configuration and number of pages. These four factors, after careful discussion, you will find that it is closely related to each other, and the reciprocal causation of.


first, talking about traffic. To talk about traffic, it can only talk about specific visitors in absolutely new to IP prevail. What is this? This is the total number of IP, visit the website, deducted within one year of visits, minus engine crawler, certainly not including the station master himself. Therefore, this a number of more than general counter listed in the list, or general blog popularity is still lower. If in the blog group in Blog, probably around this figure only the so-called popular 10%. Because the other 90% are regular visitors and repeat visit. If the outside independent website, this the number may be.

40%~ 60%

why, we only have to compute these visitors? Because the engine does not point of advertising, advertising may repeat visitors fixed preliminary design, will get a one or two time, after it is for you to click on the source of advertising. If nothing fixed visitors clicking on your ads that soon you Google is ex. Therefore, we don’t have regular visitors listed as a possible source of computing good click. Therefore, actually is also mostly a few days before the advertisement design, do not low CTR. Soon after leveling off. We are going to discuss the flow, it is never your site visitors every day, you can produce many such traffic? This is the focus of the.

effect of ad clicks

if a website is always fixed. After repeated visit the first of the month, still have the same number of ad clicks, you have to worry about, will not be because of repeated malicious clicks and sentenced ex. In general, the blog blog group in high popularity, discussion version of the site. Most are of this type. Repeat visitors are likely to be as high as 90%. So, the actual amount of their new visitors may only so-called popular 1/10.

As for

, to know how to check the number, please use the Google Analytis to carry on the analysis. By the optimal analytical report of marketing project visitor segmentation efficiency, can get new visitors number.

The second factor is the

attribute. Refer to your website after class. Because different types will have a different source of visitors, some of the more popular industry, attracted a large number of visitors. At the same time, also after your site will be the drainage related advertising sources. Different kinds of industry.