lets you Google advertising more, Mediapartners-Google/2.1 crawler system requirements analysis of Adsense
1 can quickly identify the category of "new.

how to classify the web page has been a problem of confusing search engines, even if there are many existing methods, such as:
LR, NNet (Neural network), Knn K-nearest neighbor, SVM.

in front of me about the classification of information in accordance with the basic method of linear SVM classification, but once the information space to dozens of the world wide web, it is difficult to calculate the category of a web page.

for online advertising Google Mediapartners crawler has some good features, to meet the needs of online advertising. Here to explain the working principle of Mediapartners:

1 when we open a web page, this page:
< 1 > Mediapartners and classification have been climbed, so there is a correlation between advertising.
< 2 > is a new web page, we mainly talk about the new page.
2 Mediapartners load reptile is also found this is a new page in this web page, then
for the most simple judgment:
< 1 > Url markers are keywords, for example:
< 2 > if not a classification level on the page of this web page classification for temporary inheritance.

if the above < 1 > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > no public advertisement is published in the "2".

3 then Mediapartners offline analysis, there is not much suspense. Booso.com has recently done a web page can be classified calculation, such as Mediapartners-Google/2.1 crawler analysis of Adsense can be calculated in the Booso.com category weight.

4 and then the next time when the web page is being browsed can be based on the weight of the random ad.

5 modified
for offline classification more accurate, in addition to the Hilltop method, can increase the following rules:
< 1 > according to the key words, the web page is to search online, super, super accurate.