College Students Network Entrepreneurship first of all to analyze their entrepreneurial talent. Through communication with teachers, students and parents, to fully understand their own character, knowledge and ability structure; if they have the technical expertise of one aspect of the study and lasting interest, can strengthen the learning technology, accumulate steadily, choose to serve others business mode; if their lack of technical expertise for the unique advantage of the but, with a stable supply and good at communicating with the human personality, can choose the type of commodity trading.

to analyze their own hardware conditions. If the economic constraints, early should choose lower cost products, to establish a good credit rating by puerile; but also on the network business for living expenses of students, should minimize the initial expenses; to obtain funds through borrowing the start mode of operation should be cautious.

1 guidance on the operation of commodity trading model

the success factor of the model is to obtain the price competitive advantage. There are two main methods: one is to make full use of the resources around to get the lowest possible purchase price; the other is to eliminate the comparability of the price of the same kind of goods by the differentiation and individuation of the goods.


students lack of social experience, control social resources less, but as long as fully mobilize the positive force around, still might be the purchase price of cheap. Teachers can help students with entrepreneurial enterprise or organization market, student group purchase, get lower price; at the same time, the cultivation of students’ value consciousness, find business opportunities from others is not easy to spot. For example, a southern warm winter, down jacket is slow-moving, a student found the opportunity, at a very low price to purchase unsalable jacket, through sold still cold north, gained greater profit.

to provide differentiated and personalized products is the best way to eliminate the disadvantages of price competition. The biggest threat to the Internet economy competition is brought into the imitator. The space barrier in the traditional economy has become an insurmountable obstacle to mimic a short time; but in the network economy, information transmission has no obstacles, only can prevent others into and maintain the competitiveness of the way is to provide differentiated and personalized products, the goods can not be imitated, or imitation of high cost. At the same time, due to the difference between the price of differentiated goods, but also eliminates the threat posed by increased bargaining power of customers. For example, some students use the art specialty in the online shop selling their own hand drawn, different styles of hand-painted shoes. If only the sale of shoes, because of the high cost of purchase and price competition in a disadvantage. Through personalized hand-painted shoes greatly increased the added value of goods, which is the use of differentiated goods success stories.

2 to guide the operation of the service model

in this model, the proportion of students is not much. Such students have a strong learning ability and innovative spirit of their own interest in the field of technology has the spirit of research, and even to the extent of obsession, as