4, the chain construction should insist on. The construction of the chain is not assault, but a protracted war. The new station to the chain, the website also needs a certain weight outside the chain, the site is now the competition is very fierce, maybe our website ranking has been very good, but if we stop. It is easy to be beyond our competitors. The construction of the chain is not easy, so we are doing.

3, the chain construction related. The chain can effectively improve the weights of the website, improve website weight also pay attention to the correlation content, correlation is higher, so the higher the weight of the website. The chain is equivalent to the site of the vote, only related vote is threatening. Similar situations in life, if an entertainment star to talk about a topic of medical professional strong, credibility will be high? Maybe you just think it’s just fun. If the talk of the entertainment circle thing, even just saying, you will think he is broke inside.

2, the construction of the chain, in quality. The chain in the process of construction, not too the pursuit of quantity, too much junk links sometimes not only plays the role of similar, and may trigger a search engine anti cheating mechanism, to the site to bring down the right punishment. What kind of chain is the high quality of the chain? In general, the more the chain is not easy to get, the quality may be higher. As the chain blog group software group obtained, a move the mouse to get a lot of the chain, certainly not high quality, and we spend a lot of time in written text, contribute the chain contribution platform was adopted by its quality is relatively high.

1, the construction of the chain, is natural. The nature of this problem includes the link also includes the breadth of depth. The breadth of the platform, links do not focus too much, some webmaster friends "raise fresh Chibian days, find a good platform, then make a fuss in the above, and the results may be large, but we should understand, is dangerous to put the egg in a basket, but the platform closed outside chain functions (such as forum signatures or not) blocked our account, the resources of our chain will greatly reduce the moment, is bound to affect the development of the website. The depth, we also don’t pursue all links should be placed on the home page, also want to pay attention to channel and content pages, although the content page weight no home high, but a natural chain is unlikely to have been made on the home page. Is the so-called chain, Youdao, "Tao" natural law.


website optimization friends are able to describe the content and the chain importance content in our own territory, to do outside the chain has inherent advantages, my site I decide it. The construction of the chain is different, to develop based on the domain of others, some owners do the chain is very hard, often do paste and copy, clinging to the hand in a forum or bought flowers awfully, a mass software, every day automatically sending, but sometimes the effect flat, unavoidably sigh. In fact, the construction of the chain is a