site in Shanghai search engine ranking is undoubtedly the most concern for every Chinese Shanghai dragon er. There are many factors that influence on the online love Shanghai ranking, today the author sum up the influence factors of Shanghai station, love search engine ranking.

must have a good grasp of the site’s home page on the server of a directory, two pages on the server of two pages, three pages on the same level with the three level directory server.

second, the overall architecture. Practice has proved that the friendly love Shanghai search engine for the tree structure of the site is relatively high. Many readers for the concept of tree structure may still relatively vague, the author explain. The tree structure is called a site presents a forked tree structure. As shown in figure

third code. Now there are many kinds of mainstream web program. But whether it is ASP or.NET or PHP, in terms of current search engine technology, the static program is king. Dynamic website is hard to grab SPIDER. Then is the page code, update the Internet technology continuously, a lot of the old code has been eliminated, FLASH tags, frame tags, table tags are not in conformity with the standards of search engine. In the code of title, keywords, description tags in the web site plays a vital role. Because the three elements are SPIDER when crawling a page first to read something that can be understood as the first impression. Then the code is in the H1, H2, H3 tags, code here tag appropriate keywords and add keywords can increase your website correlation, search engine will think this word is important for your web site, so that the word of your site rankings better. Then is the code style. Many programmers in the writing program code is very messy, no abnormal chaos code typesetting. When SPRIDER read the result very laborious, of course, will leave a bad impression. The last is some picture information processing. At present, the search engine can not read the image information, the ALT attribute it only can understand is the picture, although this is only a small detail, but pile up is a big problem.

first, domain name and server space. The server space stability and determines the site for the Shanghai search engine friendly love. The speed of the open web site for search engine is also important. Some of the many foreign server space to open the site speed is slow. When it comes to refinement, even in two different regions of the server also has an effect on the website ranking. For example, your keywords are Wenzhou XXX, if your server space is very obvious in Wenzhou, you will be more than the server space in Beijing or other areas of the site has more advantages.

fourth content. The construction of the content for the website is crucial for the website in >