now has taken many webmaster site optimization methods are useless, and some means not only on the development of website optimization website is useless, and may have the opposite effect, such as webmaster link most familiar, links include internal links, the web site of the external links, internal links is the main link, ordering reasonable, clear and free chain, and external links including trans, Links, outside the chain, the anchor text links to the site, can be said that the external links is the key link to the site, so as a webmaster to the site of the external links to go next time, my suggestion is: give up useless external links construction, to contribute to the development of the website of the external links, so our future external links must achieve the following three points:


two is in the anti chain must respect the content of the website, it is not possible to chain you to build on the site, this is not adversely affected? So we must in the construction of anti chain should respect the content of the website, there is a correlation to the anchor text must also with the content of the website, a very simple example: your website is the clothing website, the other is the anchor text pointing to such a word: gold to the E shop, and add the anchor text in gold, how such anchor text can help your website development

three is in the construction of the chain must note heavy, starting from the love of Shanghai public information outside the chain of the moment, there are countless websites would be doomed.

really do website optimization has become a stumbling block, the author is a 3 years engaged in Website Optimization Website optimization task with practitioners, has dozens of, the following author share some really good website optimization work, I hope to help you stand long friends.

web site links with hard

is in a Links choice must follow two principles: 1 Links must be included, a week home page snapshot, this is the foundation to ensure the conditions of our Links work, or whether you exchange the Links more, are not able to produce the corresponding effect; 2 is the friendship links must have relevance, such as you do the website is on computer, computer network, and then the relevant parts, software and so on are correlated, not to exchange, such as iron and steel clothes invalid links.

and the site due to the lack of optimization and optimization of core normal, often lack the specific implementation direction, optimization of this kind of Web site to be good or very difficult. In the face of the web site optimization problem difficult, as a webmaster want to

website optimization is many webmaster will do, but because of various reasons some website optimization is not a normal state, such as the previous link industry in the most famous website Ali this website, at the time it is by the sea but love become fashionable for a time, the algorithm adjusted, this website is love Shanghai search engine directly pull hair.