second: the keyword index, not imagined, according to the Shanghai love index, or other third party Google Webmaster Tools query tool, there must be the meaning of words, and even if you didn’t flow so that the search engine page, and will also bring the conversion rate. Do you search for the word. You should pay attention to.

every site has primary key sites, such as taobao贵族宝贝 hot ladies of this website. The keyword is an important part of bring traffic to the site. So how can we successfully let their own site keywords to row to the first page? For this problem I study for a long time. Down I will share my experience.

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eighth: stick to the hair of the chain, a good website must have a lot of external links. Strong external links can easily make your website ranking. To improve the visibility of the site. A good website, cannot do without the optimization of quality of the external links. Of course, also can not send some junk the chain.

keyword should not more than 4, too much will share the weight, it is difficult to optimize, it is difficult to do keyword layout. Is the 3 main keywords, does not require much. To strive for excellence. Don’t just think about how to optimize the key to how to analyze. Keywords short refining. Have the shortest word play the biggest role.

fifth: website internal optimization, or to their website to build a two directory blog, update the article in the two catalog blog, which led to the renewal of the home page, so as to achieve the effect of both. The use of the system to attract search engine spider to grab your web content.

third point: do website keyword layout in Web sites, usually from left to right, do not stack keyword, it is not friendly to the search engine. Don’t you think friendly search engines will be included in your site here.

seventh: make 404 error pages, web site do 404 error page some dead links, not open. Can link death punishment but his website punished by 404 error page.

fourth: keyword density. Is generally 1%-5%, because the appropriate. Normal play, don’t because of the density of one key words, so that you will receive the punishment of the engine. We must also pay attention to.

sixth: good site map. The site map is very important. The relationship between the speed of the collection of your site. One of my original site Google not included, a site map and submitted to the search engine, the result of a sudden collection of thousands of pages. It’s really incredible! Do not underestimate the role of the site map.

The first point: