After the

is the first, modify the basic settings of the site, the basic information name, description, keywords, perfect, I know that after the revision of the website at least for a long time will have a good love Shanghai reaction, also worry not, when thinking about as long as the content of quality control, careful maintenance will surely return.

is completed, began to find a large number of problems, first of all, the background description keyword information added to the front display, it is a background of all the basic setting function is only to see, can not be used. Add text content can be displayed, but all editing functions is a complete display, modify the font, color, add pictures, links and so on are all can be used. To find and solve problems in a timely manner, call each other, get back to the browser version is too high, this let me listen to a little laugh, I said that technological innovation is the trend, you program it more backwards? Get more confused reply, there is something wrong with the IE8 browser, too! You good! Is a professional, I replaced IE6. The other is to do some modifications, careless problem solved. Then look at the site title, each page of the title is a name, it asked a lot of people, the answer is the basic effect of optimization, I do not have to take so much, but at least let me look very awkward, but my website keyword there? No matter how you get it is not add up, have lit, just feel at the time, site after completion is the information content of other sites, although not too understand, at least make people feel like the program to do a simple modification. The most intolerable is the home page of the picture scroll, you can add pictures and began rolling after more, think there is some truth, one or two picture how cycle? But add a dozen or not after the cycle. Also don’t get the reply to add keywords is space problems, and how to do this spatial relationship? Should the local test no problem, may be the space problem, okay! Contact the space business, the answer is: "space is no problem, he did not upload the data.

tried to learn optimization, can have no practice for the web site. The so-called A5 is in the mix for a long time, at least a half level, not as full of Mongolian people. I started thinking is simple and practical, do not need to put the garish things, the core information website to show up, there is a clear idea on the line, not too many entries, like writing content as a central idea through the station on the line. I contacted a network company, find a favorite website style, later told them about the idea, people begin to start building, speed pretty fast, one or two days to fix it (and the fact that speed is not good). After each other back to me, I start to add information content.

again, is the daily news text, picture content update.

secondly, add content and pictures.